Your Neighborhood Pub!

The Hopvine is one of the only Post Prohibition taverns on Capitol Hill. It has been a tavern since 1933 but was completely renovated in 1995 to create the comfortable watering hole we know as the Hopvine Pub.

The dramatic cherry wood bar top and back bar design as well as the use of select hardwood throughout the pub give the Hopvine its classic personality. Historic beer bottles and the framed burlap of hop names adorn the back wall. The Hopvine Pub has been a community gathering place for over two decades and during that time it has become known for its selection of craft beer. The philosophy at the Hopvine is important to the quality of the beer on tap. Short draws from keg to tap, weekly line cleaning, and a limited number of selections keeps the beer fresh and wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable, and the selection of beer is carefully curated.

Along with an amazing beer line up the Hopvine has become well known for its food and over the years it has earned a reputation for the best soup on Capitol Hill as well as outstanding sandwiches, pizzas, and weekly smoker specials. The Hopvine has the longest running Open Mic in the City. Amazing musicians have performed there over the years. Every Wednesday new musicians proudly showcase their abilities before an appreciative crowd. But the best part of the Hopvine are the customers who make the Pub their second home. The regulars are family, and they give the Hopvine its special personality. The Hopvine is truly Capitol Hill's only Neighborhood Pub.